Serpents of Legend – now crowdfunding!


I wrote a book!

Serpents of Legend is a 40-page DFRPG bestiary chock full of deadly snake monsters. From the little fórnsnakes which jump and wrap around your neck and limbs, constricting tightly, to the gigantic jarðormur which destroys everything in its path. This is also a setting expansion for Norðlond: a lot of the monsters are tied into its cosmology. Finally, there are serpent cults (and info on running cults in general), and a playable serpentman race.

The book is currently being crowdfunded by Gaming Ballistic on Backerkit Crowdfunding with 6 days to go. It’s part of the Nightmare Fuel campaign – you don’t just get Serpents of Legend, but two more great bestiary volumes by other authors: The Bugstiary and Garden of Evil, focusing on bug and plant monsters, respectively. All books will be available in full-color print and PDF.

We’ve already reached the funding goal, but if we reach double that, a hardback omnibus volume will be released as well! Everyone who pledged for the physical books will get the omnibus in addition, for free.


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